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We “Dhara Industries” are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Cast Iron Pulley in India. We are expert in making various types of mechanical transmission and engineering products such as Fixed and Movable Pulleys, Block & Tackle Pulley, CI pulley, C.I. V. Belt Pulley, Aluminum Pulley, Taper Lock Pulley, V Belt Pulley, Gear Coupling, Star Coupling, Pin Bush Coupling, BC Series Coupling, CI star coupling, HRC coupling, Nylon Sleeve Gear coupling, Chain Sprockets, etc. Our company is completely focused on quality, the latest industry trends and consumers need to provide the better possible solution for the large ranges of applications of industries. Our company provides right source for quality products that show both cost-effectiveness and reliable performance.

Also, our company is committed to excellent consumer service and prompt delivery of orders that help to meet a high level of consumer satisfaction. Variety of products of cast iron pulley, best industry trends, and rich market experience are some of the core factors for our company’s success and competitiveness as compared to the other companies.

C. I. V Belt Pulley Manufacturer and Supplier in Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore, Bhopal, Delhi, Jodhpur

We have gained an admirable goodwill by our excellent work capabilities and we are always wishing to be the world’s first manufacturer and supplier of the various types of pulleys, couplings, sprockets and many more.

What is meant by Pulley?

A pulley is a wheel on an arbor or a bar that is designed to guide movement and change of direction of a flexed cable or belt, or relocation of power between the bar and cable or belt. A wheel with a grooved rim in which a rope, chain or belt can run in order to change the order or flecks of functions of a force enforced to the rope, etc. this number of wheel dependent on lateral block is used to hold heavy weights. And the sequence of these wheels is used to access the mechanical improvements.

Different Types of Pulleys

There are 3 main types of pulleys are used on a large scale they are as under.

  • Fixed pulley: A fixed pulley has an arbor seated in a bearing attached to an ailing structure.
  • Movable pulley: a movable pulley has an arbor in a movable block.
  • Compound pulley: A consolidation of rigidity and a movable pulley make the block and apparatus.
  • Block & tackle pulley: A block & tackle pulley is the specialized form of compound pulley that can fiercely diminish the required amount of work to move a heavy object.
  • Cone pulley: The cone pulley is another specialized pulley system that integrates the essential mechanics of pulley systems while concedes or mechanical modifications.

How the Pulleys work?

The pulley is an elementary instrument and purpose of pulley system is to be competent to move a heavy object with less struggles. The Cast Iron Pulley is formed from the rope or belt that is encased over the wheel. Wheels are needed to turn freely for those brackets are attached to the pulley. More number of pulleys helps to lift the objects more efficiently. It makes our work more comfortable without any obstacles.

A simple pulley has the only one pulley which will be attached to a fixed point with rope functioning over atop of it. In this type of pulley it’s easy to pull down the rope as compared to pulling upside. And the pulley which has more wheels than the simple pulley it seems to be clear to lift the objects faintly.

How does the Fixed and Movable Pulley works?

Using the fixed pulley directly allows you to pull from any convenient location and 100% of upward force will be applied through the tension of the rope. The functioning of the pulley is to hold a moving belt, cable or rope. Also, a fixed pulley can have the function of tensioning the belt. A single fixed pulley is usually used to change the direction of the force, but using double pulleys will change the tension of the rope to half, requiring only half the force to lift, but need to displace double the distance of the rope so work remains the same if half force and double distance.

A movable pulley works to lift a heavy object by utilizing an informative force to the rope. When such a force is applied the movable pulley commences to move through the rope by turning around throughout the rope. During this action, the tension of the rope is equal to information force. In a movable pulley, the amount of work the information force does and the amount of work the output force does is equal.

What is meant by Block and Tackle Pulley?

A hoisting device in which a rope or chain is passed around a pair of blocks containing one or more pulleys. The upper block is secured overhead and the lower block supports the load, the efforts being applied to the free end of the rope or chain. The preparations of one or more pulley blocks, with rope or cables, are implementing important mechanical advantage for pulling or hoisting large objects.

What is meant by Cast Iron Pulley?

A pulley which is made from the cast iron is known as the cast iron pulley. Cast iron pulley is a hauling product used in different industrial region. Cast iron pulleys are mostly used in oil expeller and also in the engineering industries. This pulley is lower in cost so it is affordable to every industry.

Advantages of Cast Iron Pulley

  • This pulley allows you to implement the force in any action, not just the one in which the force is to be applied.
  • Rust proof
  • Corrosion free
  • Elegant finish
  • Fascinate design
  • Light weight
  • Long term usable
  • The force is applied to any directions

Applications of Cast Iron Pulley

  • Oil mill
  • Sugar mill
  • Textile mill
  • Crusher plant
  • Dairy plant
  • Rice mill
  • Paper mill
  • Ball mill
  • Food machines
  • Gases industry
  • Gining mills

Products we serve

  • I. V belt pulley
  • I. V single groove pulley
  • Solid pulley
  • Split pulley
  • Step pulley
  • Aluminum pulley
  • Aluminssum drill pulley
  • I. patta pulley
  • I. motor pump pulley

Cast Iron Pulley Price in India

We are always concerned about the consumer satisfactions with minimum Cast Iron Pulley Price In India as compared to the other companies so that we can make some uncommon element of our company. And also as compared to other countries our Indian price for pulley is at best and very convenience to consumers. Our company is also providing qualitative product with reasonable price.

Why choose our product?

  • Exquisite products
  • Reliable to use
  • Consumer concentrate
  • Competent company
  • Numerous varieties
  • We continuously improving the quality
  • Always achieving targeted objectives
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