Industry We Serve

  • Oil mill: Our products are widely used in oil mill for procedures of refining an oil and for that many machines are conducted from our company
  • Sugar mill: Sugar needs to get purified for that many industrial machines are required so pulley, couplings, sprockets etc are used.
  • Textile mill: In textile mill heavy pulleys are needed for to hold the bulk materials so our company serving our products to the textile mill.
  • Crusher plant: In crusher plant high range of power transmission is compulsory for that we are supplying a various types of couplings to this crusher plant.
  • Dairy plant: Dairy plants consists many purifying processes for that different varieties of machines are useful and this machines are supplied and exported by our company in wide range.
  • Rice mill: In rice mill various types of procedures are undertaken to make them eatable so this types of machines are necessary for the rice mill.
  • Paper mill: Papers gets through many process for making them writable so for that our machines are useful for that procedures.
  • Food machinery: Foods gets packaged by various machineries for that our company is supplying their needed products.
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